I was appointed to the Victor Valley Community College District Trustees in February 2011. After nearly a year on the Board of Trustees, I decided in 2012 to run for re-election to my appointed seat. I was humbled to set a record for the largest number of votes ever garnered at Victor Valley Community College District. I received 45,968± votes. Our college district serves 1,899± square miles, 382,458± residents as of July 31, 2012, and 139,799± registered voters as of January 21, 2016. Victor Valley Community College is our greatest resource for future business leaders and and like other Community Colleges it faces significant challenges in the near future.

I believe that voters need to know what the Board of Trustees is doing and how they vote which is why I petitioned to get cameras in our meetings. I also requested, and although it took three years, was successful in having prayer introduced into our board meetings. 

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I attend the annual VVC ASB Retreat every July in Big Bear, CA, a great event organized by Robert Sewell of VVC (a diehard associate). This year the students came up with over 400 initial goals and they narrowed it down to 14. I am so proud to serve them, as the students are the reason we are part of this great institution. We have one of the best ASB in the country (a FACT). Go RAMS! Click the link to view their goals ASB 2018-2019 Goals

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